Why the need for the Gircor ?


The Gircor is a not-for-profit organisation that brings together different actors working in research and education, from both the public or the private sector, who use animals for scientific purposes.

The past decade has seen the rise of very promising advances in alternative methods to animal testing. Nevertheless, the use of animals remains essential to advance research, ensure the development and safety of drugs for humans and animals, or to preserve the environment and improve animal welfare.

The use of animals is research is governed by strict european and national regulations that require high animal protection standards that factor in the 3Rs (Replace, Reduce, Refine) :

Replace : using alternative methods whenever possible

computer models (in silico), organoids, cells, (in vitro and ex vitro)...

Reduce : decreasing the number of animals used

homogeneous lines, statistical optimisations, use of imaging techniques...

Refine : minimizing animal stress and pain

housing, anaesthesia and analgesia, training and habituation...

However, the terms, conditions and requirements for the use of animals in research are often poorly understood by the general public, which can lead to preconceived ideas and misconceptions. The role of the GIRCOR is to shed a light on this complex and sensitive topic.

Gircor's missions and commitments

1. To respond to questions that the public might have

on the use of animals and alternative methods in research, their stakes and their necessity

2. Contribute to improving practices

in particular through the application of the 3Rs, the development of alternative methods and a culture of care

3. To promote transparency​

of organisations using animals for scientific or regulatory purposes